Qualitative Research

We have some of the most experienced moderators in the industry, specializing in creating custom qualitative studies:

  • Focus Groups

    The classic qualitative research technique for gaining useful baseline insights.

  • In-Depth Interviews

    The best way to gain deep insights about how, and what, people – physicians, pharmacists, nurses, or patients – truly think about the issues you care about.

  • Opinion Leader Advisory Groups

    Organize and moderate opinion leader advisory boards in virtually every therapeutic category in the industry.

  • Projective techniques

    Valuable tools to help enable participants reveal more information about the emotional and psychological drivers that underlie decision-making.

  • Ethnographic Methods

    Provides clients with a window into the real world by watching and listening to how people act in their natural environment. Clients gain insights that can’t be found in a controlled setting.

Studies Include:

  • Understanding Of Treatment Algorithms

  • Patient Flow Research

  • Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practices

  • Product Profile Assessment

  • Positioning And Message Development

  • Customer Profiling

  • Package Insert Development and Testing

  • Evaluation of Product Aesthetics

  • Emotional Drivers Research

  • War Gaming