Our Approach

All of our work is held to the highest standards of methodology controls and ethical practices.

  • Understand the Issues

    Our first priority when initiating a project is to listen to the needs of the client. We collaborate with you to ensure the outcomes of the project will be actionable by clearly defining the key questions and the specific objectives of the project.

  • Design a Customized Solution

    We have the experience, resources and flexibility to successfully execute any project- for large corporations as well as start-ups and fast-growth companies. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Our approach makes sure that the business issue at hand are addressed with the most appropriate methodology, or as we like to say, “look at an issue from different windows.”

  • Process, Analyze & Answer

    We have experience running studies with thousands of respondents and multiple audiences around the globe as well as projects limited to just a few experts. We apply well-established, meticulous methods not often employed due to the logistics involved. We also have the technical expertise to develop new methods to solve unique problems. Our senior moderators offer unparalleled experience in uncovering the emotional side of decision-making, in addition to having the clinical expertise to discuss even the most complex therapeutic area.

  • Visualize and Present

    We employ a full-service design department to give all of our reports a distinctive look that communicates effectively. We produce our market positioning maps, scatterplots, and other information graphics utilizing the latest suite of design software and routinely include video and Flash animation for additional impact.

We believe that information should be presented as simply and as visually as possible.